Benefits Of Timber Framed Construction

For small commercial and residential structures, timber frame construction is the best choice. Large buildings are typically constructed of steel framing. There are many benefits to large timber framing when building large wood buildings. Here are some of the benefits:

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Time to Build

Timber framing is easier than steel and masonry constructions because it can be prefabricated. Although prefabrication takes some time upfront, once the timbers arrive, it is easy to complete the task.


Large timber frames can cost the same as other construction materials. However, the labour costs may be lower due to the faster on-site construction. Prefabricated products have a higher cost per unit than prefabricated ones.


Large timber frame projects can be strong and long-lasting if they are constructed correctly. They can withstand rot and decay but must have high moisture levels before they are susceptible to insects or rot. A wood-framed building has a lower risk of fire than buildings made with other materials. A wood structure can be considered durable as long as it is protected from the elements.


Large timber frame construction projects, perhaps the most important, are sustainable and environmentally responsible. Timber is a renewable resource. An increase in timber demand will result in more forest growth to supply the increased demand.

Large timber frame construction has many benefits. Consider it when you are planning your next large-scale building project.

Timber ultimate renewable resource

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Are you a builder? Did you know that more than 80% of houses frames are made from timber?

Timber is a popular framing material, which provides security and comfort for thousands of American homes.

We are proud to support this sustainable and renewable product, as well as our professional network of national timber fabricators.

The timber house frames are responsibly sourced. They store carbon for life and are absorbed from the air by a tree. It’s possible to replant timber used for framing tomorrow after timber is harvested for framing.

This is why timber is the best framing material.

Here are twelve reasons more American homeowners and builders choose timber framing.

Stores carbon from the atmosphere

1. Flexibility at a low cost

Most framing systems today are either prefabricated or made off-site. Carpenters are equipped with all the necessary tools to make any changes or modifications onsite. If they have any timber left over, they can easily get it at the local hardware store.

Timber is the only building material which helps combat climate change

Timber framing, whether local or imported is reliable and robust. It’s supported by a wide range of industry partners.

You will need to make difficult decisions when building your residential or commercial property. Your personal preference is important in choosing the right frame type. You should consider the cost, flexibility, durability, longevity, and sustainability of the material. We recommend timber for framing if you’re looking for an affordable and cost-effective option. Let’s compare steel frames to timber frames, and discuss why the former is better.

2. Steel Characteristics

Steel structural framing is a system that includes a variety of horizontal and vertical elements. These include columns and beams, which are vital in supporting walls, floors and roof fixtures. To reduce construction time and save money, the multiple components are often measured and calculated before being fabricated.

It is strong, durable, long-lasting, sustainable, and viable as a framing material for many commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, low-rise or high-rise. It is also fire-resistant and resistant to pest infestations like termites and bees.

3. Timber Characteristics

Timber has been used in construction since ancient times. More than 90% of American homes are now made from wood. Modern timber framing techniques have been improved to suit modern buildings and maximize its durability. The wooden frames are constructed with load-bearing timber structures that are supported by mortise and tenon joinery and secured with wooden pegs. To save time, some components of timber such as roof trusses or stud walls can be prefabricated and assembled on-site.

Why you should choose timber

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There are limitless design options

Timber is a versatile material that can be used for many purposes. Its structural and physical characteristics allow you to tailor it to fit your building’s needs. Timber frames are not supported on platforms or load-bearing walls and can be used in a variety of ways. This will allow you to create a more open and creative design such as a post and beam.

Because of its light weight and flexibility, the wooden frame structure is easy to install and assemble. Because it can be modified during construction, it doesn’t need to be prefabricated. A steel frame, on the other hand, would require precise calculations and measurements. Inaccuracy can cause major delays until the problem is fixed. This could lead to additional and unnecessary costs, as well as inefficiency.

Increased Insulation, Energy Efficiency

Timber frames offer better energy efficiency than other materials like concrete and steel. They have natural insulation properties which reduce the need to add insulation material to walls, floors and doors. This reduces energy consumption and improves energy efficiency. Timber-framed buildings can also retain heat in winter and cool air in summer. These buildings have insulated panels that are equipped with air pockets for thermal conductivity reduction.

Steel is a good thermal conductor so it will decrease the properties of insulation material by more that 60%. Heat will be transferred from the walls to the outside of the building as the steel will heat. Your utilities will have to work harder to compensate heat loss, which reduces energy efficiency. To counteract the steel’s thermal conductivity, additional materials will be required.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Timber frames are made from natural building materials and don’t contain the same toxins as many manufactured products. It is therefore safer to touch and handle as it does not emit harmful chemicals or vapor. Timber frames require less equipment and use significantly less energy to assemble than manufactured frames like steel and concrete. The United States is one of many countries that have adopted policies to regrow trees in order to replace the ones that were felled. These timber frames can also store and retain carbon, which will reduce carbon emissions and make them more environmentally-friendly.

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